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Drum Mixer Product supplied in 55 gallon drums can be a problem due to settlement in transport or storage - US MIXERS offer an innovative solution to re-mix difficult and viscous products in steel or plastic 55 gallon drums to achieve optimum product performance.

For water-like chemicals / products US MIXERS 2" Bung hole mounted mixers offer a simple solution, the folding impeller fits through the standard 2" bung hole and the mixer mounts securely in the bung hole. Air operated mixers are the most popular and have the advantage of variable speed and safe operation - electric motors are also available.

55 Gallon Drum Mixers
Mixer modelMotor HPShaft diameterImpeller typeMotor
DP-030 E-BUNG1/35/8"E-200 foldingElectric
DP-030 Air-BUNG1/35/8"E-200 foldingAir

We like a challenge!!

Drum Mixer US MIXERS designed the LB range of 55 gallon drum mixers below for the challenges of mixing difficult products with a high viscosity or solids content, the mixer can be mounted on steel or plastic drums using the stainless steel drum lid adaptor - which also includes a funnel for adding product or viewing the mixing.

Drum Mixer The mixer operates at low speed and can be supplied with different impeller types including spiral impellers to suit your specific application, electric and air drives are available - please call or email. Our application engineers will be pleased to help

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